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Duplicate Part Number Listings: You may notice some part numbers listed several times in our listings as identical NOS parts but with different prices. This does not reflect the condition of the parts. Some of our parts are on consignment and have different prices and slightly different descriptions.  The lowest price applies for the remaining quantity available at that price. Items priced at "0.00" require you contact us for the price. Quantity of "22" means we don't know how many but there should be at least one!


NOS New Old Stock-Never used, original manufacture old stock part 
NORS New Old Replacement Stock-Never used, replacement manufacture old stock part 
RPMT Replacement Part of recent manufacter
RBLT Rebuilt part
S.W. Shelf Wear - marks from years of handling
K.W. Korean War - Chromed parts made during this period may appear to be a lesser quality finish. 
P.U. Perfect Used
E.U. Excellent Used